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SEO is where Inbound Marketing Group really stands above the rest. Having a search optimization pioneer on staff (Don Halbert) we exclusively design the most effective SEO strategies for our clients. Our TOP SECRET methods have propelled clients from LOL to VIP in the search results – so much so that we’ve even provided #1 Google rankings in under 90 days which is for the most part an impossibility for many other SEO agencies. Proper SEO strategies play critical importance to any inbound marketing strategy.

Analytics is the single most critical element to SEO. Without it you are going at it blind – finding success would be like discovering a needle in a haystack. Now even a blind squirrel will trip over a nut every once in awhile but when it comes to SEO it’s best served EDUCATED. Analyzation of the data is a science and the importance of it can not be overstated. Knowing where your visitors come from, the browsers they use, the resolution they use, the pages they browse to and the pages they exit from – all plays in to how you build your SEO strategy to be effective.

Of the over 200 different ranking elements Google considers, nothing is more important than backlinks. Originally called “Backrub”, the megalithic search engine Google has always believed that the more relevant and authoritative links pointing to a web site shows it’s worth and therefore considers them instrumental in how they rank any given web page. Think of it this way, “you pat my back I pat your back – IE: Backrub”. It’s the very foundation in which Google built it’s search algorithm and as of this moment…it’s still critical.

The ultimate goal of any well-planned & executed SEO strategy is to increase lead flow to your business. SEO is the action by which certain elements (both on site and off) are manipulated in order to have search engines like Google consider your web page the authority and in turn rank it higher.There is an old saying that goes like this…”when a tree falls in the forest and no where is there to hear it…does it really make a sound?” This applies perfectly to online businesses – if no one is there to see what you’re selling…will you make a sale? Doubtful.

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