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Welcome to Our Blog!

We welcome you to the Inbound Marketing Group (IMG) blog. Here you will find news and relevant material pertaining to the art of inbound marketing and it’s composite of other necessary elements that make up the foundation of an inbound marketing strategy.

Free Wheelchair Mission

The Costa Rica charity, the Do It Foundation, is part of the Free Wheelchair Movement originally started in 2001 by Don and Laurie Schoendorfer who came up with the idea while vacationing in Morocco.

In 2010, IMG founder and CEO, Don Halbert, became honored with the distinction of being elected to the board of directors of the Do It Foundation here in Costa Rica. As part of his responsibility, Mr.Halbert would design and launch a new web design and effective inbound marketing campaign unlike anything ever seen before in Costa Rica.

This was said by the founder of the Do It Foundation:

When you decide to get serious about your internet marketing, a wise choice for any business would be Don Halbert. His achievements for us have surpassed our expectations.

John Scheman

The task at hand was to place the foundation at the forefront of charities in Costa Rica and apply all the necessary elements to online design of the new web page to facilitate the acceptance of online donations in to the tens of thousands.

In short succession the goal was achieved and since that point, the Do it Foundation has remained atop the search results thanks to the incredible inbound marketing efforts of IMG and Don Halbert.


Triton Systems

Triton Systems Inc. was/is our proudest achievement to date.

During the .COM boom of the 90s, Don Halbert envisioned creating the grandest digital technology company the satellite industry had ever seen. Did he accomplish this? You decide…

Incorporated in 1998, Triton Systems Inc. began it’s humble beginnings as a vision of two friends (and roommates) looking to make a little money to survive and sustain a lifestyle for them both in Victoria, BC after moving from their hometown of Prince George, BC in 1997.

The original idea for Triton was to provide web design and marketing. However as the two struggling entrepreneurs would soon realize…businesses were still quite ignorant towards the idea of online retail.

Some time would pass and Triton would lie dormant as the two founders decided to pursue their individual options until one day Don Halbert would decide he’d had enough of working for someone else and repressing his true talents as an entrepreneur and technology hack.

Triton Systems Inc. truly became a corporation in 1999 and operated out of a 500+/- square foot office in downtown Victoria. The office employed but two people – Don Halbert and Karen Way. The belief of Triton owner Don Halbert is quite simply, “low overhead – high yield”.

On that note – within 10 months of incorporation, Triton Systems would go from nothing ($1500 in startup capital) to sales exceeding $3 million. The vision of becoming the #1 satellite technology company would become reality by 2000 when CNN would visit Victoria for the first time and would later run a short piece on Triton Systems during Superbowl Weekend showcasing it’s achievements and domination of it’s market.

This would be the catalyst for Don Halbert – having to control every moving part of his business, Mr. Halbert would be a pinnacle contributor to every element of the success of Triton Systems. This included product design, tooling, engineering (both software & hardware) and then bringing the product to market and handling 100% of all online marketing necessary at the time in order to ensure complete market domination to the tune of 80% and $3 million in gross revenue. All while meeting a pre-determined deadline!

To this day, the achievements of Don Halbert and Triton Systems are still talked about around elite Internet circles.

Sun Ranch Mega-Project

The Sun Ranch Project is a development retirement project of epic proportions. This 2224 acre mega-project is slated to host 2200 homes, equestrian centre, 18 hole RTJ golf course, full service medical hospital by Clinica Biblica and more.

Located in the northern province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, the Sun Ranch Project is unmatched in size, vision and amenities to provide for it’s thousands of residents looking to retire in Costa Rica – the Happiest Nation in the World!

IMG was brought onboard from the beginning to provide a strong brand recognition and creative and exceptional inbound marketing campaign spanning a variety of web pages to further enforce marketing efforts towards the main target of the Sun Ranch Project.

The reality of this task quite simply went like this…

Massive media exposure (featured in Forbes) to the point where the inbound marketing efforts surpassed the expectations of the developers whereas interest rose quicker than production. Before the true results of IMG’s inbound marketing could be realized, Sun Ranch refocused themselves towards shifting the project in it’s entirety rather than building out the grand vision was projected.

IMG considers this another success beyond belief when it comes to inbound marketing results shown and hopes for all the best to all the directors of this incredible property.


Our ongoing inbound marketing relationship with Costa Rica Real Estate S.A. was established in mid-2012 and has been recognized as one of the most rapidly successful Costa Rica SEO efforts to date in that country.

Upon starting with IMG, CRREC had previously purchased the EMD (Exact Match Domain) of this highly competitive and lucrative market. The trouble was that the domain had previously been neglected and in fact had suffered at the hands of previous “SEO Gurus” that had butchered the domain and placed it deep within the SERPs (search engine result pages). Sitting below Page 10 of the SERPs meant that CRREC wasn’t receiving any traffic despite having the most sought after URL in the Costa Rica real estate niche.

September 2012 would be a day for the history books with respect to – it was the day that IMG would be brought onboard to revive this otherwise stagnant domain and rescue it from the underachievers who’d previously attempted to perform SEO and even some rudimentary inbound marketing.

IMG staff would immediately begin work on revival by performing exclusive SEO and inbound marketing strategies developed over years of experience. The results were startling to say the least.

Within 90 days time, CRREC executives would be stunned at the results IMG were able to provide them and subsequently sustain.

To this day CRREC stands atop it’s competitors with over 10+ #1 Google Page 1 rankings that total over $1million in Google Adwords savings should CRREC had chosen the route of paid CPC traffic. Instead the obvious results of a strong inbound marketing campaign and SEO strategy, have proven to CRREC corporate executives the immense power of this truly effective form of online marketing.

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